Evan Roxanna Ramzipoor

Welcome to Vertex Editing!

I offer a variety of editing and consulting services to ensure that only your best work goes out into the world. Here are just a few examples of types of clients I have.

  • Students / professionals looking for a thorough proofreading and copy editing of a report

  • Academics seeking help with framing their work and developing their arguments

  • English learners looking to improve their writing, grammar, and clarity

About Me



I'm Evan – I'm an author, editor, avid crossword puzzle doer, and UC Berkeley alumna (but I'll still gladly edit your work, even if you're at Stanford). When I put down my pen for the day, I either pick up my dog's leash, my running shoes, or a fork depending on what my partner is whipping up today.

Click below to learn about my novel The Ventriloquists!




Whether you're a published writer or a freshman in college, you've struggled to capture an idea in words, tripped over a dangling modifier, or paused before deciding between "redundent" and "redundant." That's where I come in. I offer proofreading, copy editing, developmental editing, technical editing, and brainstorming services at all stages of the writing process. I also offer sensitivity reading for authors whose manuscripts feature LGBTQ* characters or themes. 




I have a deep commitment to teaching and helping my students become better writers. Whether you're in high school or grad school, I want to make my services accessible so that your writing showcases your education. Click here to learn about my educational services & discounts.


"We've relied on Evan for editing for almost four years now. She continues to impress, no matter the format, length, or subject. She has improved our websites, business reports, and full length peer reviewed academic journal articles. We can unequivocally vouch for her talent, work ethic, and expertise."

- Dr. Rex Douglass, big data scientist, UCSD

"So many thing about Evan are fantastic: her suggestions for revision, the way she's ironed out the knots in my prose, her fluency with academic arguments and style, her timeliness and professionalism. I consider myself lucky to have found such a great editor. I give her my highest recommendation." 

- Prof. Nina H., postdoctoral fellow, Bates College