Rush Jobs

If that deadline crept up on you, I'm usually available for same-day and two-day rush jobs for an extra fee. Please note that same-day and two-day rush jobs are not eligible for student discounts.  

Same-Day Services


In most cases with just a few hours of notice, I offer same-day rush jobs on all of my services at double my existing rate. A same-day rush job is anything you need within 24 hours.


Put "Rush Job" in the subject of your email and I'll get back to you shortly! Be sure to include your deadline in the subject or body of the email. 

Two-Day Services

For any jobs you need completed within 48 hours, I charge 1.5x my original rate. 

Likewise, put "Rush Job" in the subject of the email so I know to prioritize it and be sure to include your deadline!