Wait, how many types of editing are there? The answer is, a lot! I offer a variety of services that are tailored to my clients' needs. Whether you're looking for a quick proofread for grammar and usage or a thorough overhaul of your framing, organization, and logical flow, I can help. I also offer numerous additional services specifically for authors and for college and graduate school admissions. 

Here are a few common editing problems, click the one that sounds most like you!  Unsure? Contact me for a free consultation!

I have no idea where to start!

I need help with structure & organization

This draft needs a careful eye

My formatting is way off!

I have a technical document & need help with clarity


Proofreading & Copy Editing 

Proofreading and copy editing are the fundamentals of the editing industry. Here, I outline two of my most popular and important polishing services for my clients. 




In short, proofreading focuses on (1) spelling, (2) grammar, and (3) basic usage and structure. If you think (1) doesn't matter because you have a program that puts a little red line under the word "sfewcnof," then you haven't seen the number of papers I have in which people mix up "affect" and "effect," and "principle" and "principal," and the list goes on. With my proofreading services, I will give a careful read and set of corrections for all spelling and grammar errors and I will alert you to glaring problems with sentence structure and organization (for further help with sentence structure, organization, and logical presentation of your argument, see the Developmental Editing service). 

Proofreading services are $50/hr. On average, proofreading takes 2 minutes per page (depending on how polished the writing is), which means a 30 page document will take about 2 hours of work. 

If you contract me for 10 (or more!) hours of work ahead of time, I offer a $5 discount on my rate, bringing it down to $45/hr.

Copy Editing


Copy editing is basically the proofreading of format as opposed to content

Many papers, journal articles, dissertations, and reports come with strict formatting requirements. When we're concerned with getting our ideas on paper, it's hard to also keep up with properly formatting quotations, citations, footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies. With my copy-editing services, you can focus on your writing and I'll ensure that your footnotes and endnotes are on point, every figure is labeled correctly, every citation corresponds to your bibliography, and that those citations and bibliographies are in the correct format—whether MLA, APA, Chicago, or IEEE.



Copy editing services are $60/hr. Since copy editing projects vary more widely than proofreading, I offer a free assessment and estimate for the cost of a given project. Contact me with "CE Assessment" in the subject line!


If you contract me for 10 (or more!) hours of work ahead of time, I offer a $5 discount, bringing the rate down to $55/hr.

In the same way that you can picture your mom's face but you can't necessarily draw it on paper, sometimes our arguments are much clearer in our own heads than on the page. If you are looking for help with organization, logical flow, framing your argument, or really polishing your writing style (clarifying and simplifying your language), then developmental editing is for you. I work with my clients—often through email as well as phone consultations—to ensure that your work is as clear to your reader as it is to you. 

Developmental Editing 




I know the song says waiting is the hardest part, but we all know that when it comes to writing, starting is the hardest part. If you're early on in the process and you're trying to work through how to articulate your argument, how to structure your paper, or how to frame your work to a potential client, I can help you figure out how to articulate your ideas and what to prioritize. I will even help direct you to sources for your research. We can work over email, phone, or Zoom depending on your needs.

Brainstorming consultations are $60/hr. 

Developmental Editing


Once you get that first draft printed out, you need a trained eye to ensure that your ideas came through on paper. Sometimes we recognize the pitfalls ourselves, other times we realize we need this help after a client, professor, or set of reviewers suggest major edits. 

Developmental editing is $70/hr. I will not only make global suggestions about organization, sentence structure, and logical flow, but I will also provide an outline of what I took away from the paper so you can see how your ideas come across to your readers. Then, we can work together to restructure your piece to ensure that your readers see everything you want them to. 

If you contract me for 10 (or more!) hours of work ahead of time, I offer a $5 discount, bringing the rate down to $65/hr.

Technical Editing 


When you are immersed in an esoteric, jargony field, it can be difficult to tell whether your work is legible to your peers or to laymen readers. You could very well be the next Elon Musk, but if your readers or journal editors can't understand your work, no one will ever know about it.

Technical Editing Services


Technical editing involves clarifying and proofreading complex pieces, such as engineering manuals, programming documentation, or papers intended for publication in medical journals. As a technical editor, I address grammar and sentence structure —but also clarity, accuracy, completeness, and level of complexity.

Technical editing services are $70/hr. 

Sensitivity Reading

If you’re like me, then you believe that our bookshelves should be as diverse as our readers. However, for authors who are writing outside of their lived experiences, the line between characters and tropes can be difficult to understand. That’s where I come in. I offer sensitivity reading for authors whose manuscripts feature LGBT* characters or themes. If you are a cis, straight writer who is planning on seeking publication with a manuscript that contains queer characters, you absolutely need a sensitivity reader.

Sensitivity Reading Services


I’ll comment on your manuscript to let you know 1) whether you’re using the appropriate language and terminology to refer to your queer characters, and 2) whether your portrayal of queer characters and themes is nuanced, accurate, and well-rounded.

Sensitivity reading services are $60/hr. If you contract me for 10 (or more!) hours of work in advance, I offer a $5 discount on my rate, bringing it down to $55/hr.