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In addition to broad editing services, I also offer specific consultation on college admissions essays, graduate school admissions documents (including personal statements and research statements), and academic job market materials. I have nearly five years of experience working in test-preparation and graduate admissions at both the pre-college and graduate levels, and I have worked with numerous graduate students and faculty preparing journal articles and getting ready to go on the tenure-track job market.


I also offer student discounts on select editing services! Just contact me from your .edu email address, and you're golden! 


To get started, let me know what you need help with... Unsure which service is for you? Contact me and let's talk!

Help me get in!

Click here to learn all about my college and grad school admissions services. Craft the perfect essay to let the admissions committee know they want you.


Help me with *this* project!

Struggling with a project? Whether it's structuring your argument or proofreading that final draft, I offer affordable services to make sure you submit your best work.

Help me write!


Are you looking to just become a better writer overall? Work with me to master usage, style, and grammar so that your work is always the best it can be.

Graduate – Personal Statement



Personal statements for graduate programs—whether Masters', Law School, Business School, or Ph.D. Programs—are a huge jump from the college admissions essay. I work with my clients to develop their personal statements in ways that tell their story and yet retain crucial focus on their career goals. 

For college and graduate school admissions essay consulting I charge $60/hr. This service is typically a mix of editing, email, and phone consultations. 

Entrance Essays – College & Graduate School


Applying to college and graduate school is both exciting and daunting. So many schools require an open-ended personal statement that it's difficult to know where to start—and more importantly, where to stop. While a great essay is never going to get you into Yale if your GPA is a 1.7, a bad essay will keep you out, even if your GPA is a 4.9. 


College Entrance Essay



Telling your story can be difficult—and it's twice as hard when you know your dream school wants to hear something very specific. I move beyond proofreading to help students develop their essays so that their unique story dovetails with the mission of the university.

For college and graduate school admissions essay consulting I charge $60/hr. This service is typically a mix of editing, email, and phone consultations. 

Graduate – Research Statement



Many research-focused graduate programs (particularly Ph.D. programs) require their applicants to write a statement of research intent. It can be difficult to know what graduate schools are looking for and so many students make the same avoidable mistakes with this document. Learn how to demonstrate your ability to ask important questions in your field and illustrate your potential to do great research.

For college and graduate school admissions essay consulting I charge $60/hr. This service is typically a mix of editing, email, and phone consultations. 

Editing Services: From term papers to theses, from beginning to end.


Entrance essays are a lot of work, but now that you're in school, the work has just begun. I offer all of my editing services (from proofreading to developmental editing) at a more affordable rate for students.  Check out the summaries & pricing below and click the links for more information on each service. 




In short, proofreading focuses on (1) spelling, (2) grammar, and (3) basic usage and structure. If you think (1) doesn't matter because you have a program that puts a little red line under the word "sfewcnof," then you haven't seen the number of papers I have in which people mix up "affect" and "effect," and "principle" and "principal," and the list goes on. With my proofreading services, I will give a careful read and set of corrections for all spelling and grammar errors and I will alert you to glaring problems with sentence structure and organization (for further help with sentence structure, organization, and logical presentation of your argument, see the Developmental Editing service). 

My rate for proofreading services is $35/hr. On average, proofreading takes 2 minutes per page (depending on how polished the writing is), which means a 30 page document takes about 2 hours of work. 

If you contract me for 10 (or more!) hours of work ahead of time, I offer a $5/hour discount, bringing the rate down to $30/hr.

Need more than a last minute eye?



Are you at the very early stages of a project and not sure how to start, how to articulate your argument, or where to go to do research? Click below to learn about how I can help with Brainstorming and planning. 


Did you just finish that first draft, but it's not as clean as you'd hoped? For help with major structuring, usage, style, and argumentative presentation, check out my Developmental Editing services. 

My rate for both services is $40/hr. 

Writing and Language Coaching


My clients will tell you they enjoy working with me, but let's be honest – you probably don't want to use me forever (though, I am happy if you do). I have worked with numerous clients (both native English speakers and English language learners) to help polish their writing style. Learn everything from grammar and usage to laying out arguments and organization. 

I will work with you over email and Skype for writing sessions for $30/hr.